Beginnings of a Superhero Quilt

        My nephew is turning four in a little over a month and as I thought about bday present options, I realized that I never made him a "big boy bed" quilt! I made one for his sister waaay before she was four..Geesh, I'm behind! Jimmy needs a quilt! 
I asked my sister what Jimmy is into these days and she said anything Superheroes! I started looking for ideas in my usual way, scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram. I found a bunch of cute ones, but I LOVED the pixelated versions!

(Photo by Jakob Dinesen)

I started searching for images of pixelated superhero quilts and this picture came up. How cute are they?! It's not a quilt, but the beads are in a grid and I thought I could draw them up for a quilt block. I'm sure one could do the same thing with a cross stitch pattern. In this case, each bead got a square. Easy peasy.

I was so excited to get started, I couldn't stop thinking about it! I got right to work cutting out my favorite superhero, Superman! 
I used 2" strips for my practice version and it turned out big! Since I want to fit a bunch of superheroes on the quilt, I adjusted my strips to 1.5" and now the blocks are 15" x 23".
I'm thinking nine characters will work out great for a twin size quilt. 

Here they are so far! I'm having so much fun putting these together, I can't wait to sew the next guy!


  1. Your superheroes are so cute!! My not so little boys would love one of these quilts too I think. ;)

    1. Thank you, Cassandra! I know some big kids who would like this quilt, too! :)

  2. Those are off the chart cute!! What a lucky boy!

  3. These are awesome! The finished quilt is going to be so cool!

  4. Oh Gosh this is going to be so awesome!!! I love all the characters you are going to do too. If you need some more solids you can come over and raid my stash. I don't seem to be making any headway out of using it. :)

  5. Yes! These are great! I am 'super' pumped to see your progress!

  6. Oh these are fabulous!! Great design and they look fantastic all stitched up.

    -Soma @

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Alissa! Aren't they fun? I might be having too much fun making them!

  8. Are you going to make a pattern? Please?


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