What's Blooming in the Yard

     Gardening in my yard did not get off to a great start in the spring. We had so much rain that I didn't get any seeds planted...no zinnias for me this year. :(

     I finally planted some perrenials a couple weeks ago and so far they are still alive, even with our current heat wave. I have been snapping some pics along the way, so here's a catch up post on what's been blooming in my yard.


These foxgloves were so healthy and beautiful when I bought and planted them but now they are dead! I'm thinking they had too much rain.


These purple flowers are called Canterbury Bells. I planted them from seed last year and they bloomed this year. They were just on their second bloom last week when a pesky squirrel bit off EVERY stem. Ugh! I was hoping to save some seeds.

I had originally bought four astilbe plants when I first moved in here. Two of them died, and last spring, these two weren't looking great. I moved them to this new spot last summer and they are happy now, they actually bloomed! 

My Easter lily from two years ago bloomed for the first time in the garden. 

I bought this hollyhock on clearance last summer. I was surprised to see that it has double blooms! 


This is my little plant hospital. A couple ferns saved from my moldy terrarium..ick that was gross! A sage plant and mandevilla from foodnet at church and a pretty calla lily from my mom. The other plants seem to attract digging squirrels, so I move them around to confuse the critters ha!

These little fuzzy bugs have been everywhere in the garden, on the plants and in the trees. They leave fuzzy stuff on the plant stems. They're like little flying specks of fluff!

We have wrens in this house! 

My neighbors backyard flowers through the clematis vine..

..and my backyard. It's not very exciting, is it? I've extended the row of hostas along the back fence, since nothing else I plant there wants to grow. It's too shady.

So that's what's been blooming so far!


  1. So many beautiful summer blooms! Thanks for sharing I enjoyed my
    virtual walk through your garden. :)


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