Summer Weekend

Ah July.
Summer is flying by and school is just around the corner! I'm trying not to think about school too much yet, though. I had lots of summery fun over the weekend which helped my denial haha! 

On Friday, my friend Kristie and I got together to hang out and take some photos of her latest quilt. Check out her colorful quilt and my legs at Sew Sunshine!

We both thought the water drops on this water tower were quilty inspiration. 

If you haven't been there yet, you should stop for a treat at Goldenrod Pastries. It's a new bakery on 48th & Prescott here in Lincoln. Kristie and I enjoyed some conversation and I ate this tasty date cake in about 30 seconds. Mmm it was so good and the owner told me it is healthy too, so that's a bonus!

Next door to Goldenrod Pastries is the sweetest little shop, Paper Kite. She has stationary and adorable baby things! I bought a new notepad for my fridge and the next time I need a baby gift, I'll stop back in!
 Kristie and I couldn't miss the opportunity to shop for fabric together, so we visited the Calico House and Sew Creative, which are both right on 48th Street. I bought more red and a little green fabric for the Christmas pot holders. 
I'm so glad Kristie and I got together, hopefully we can meet up again this summer!

Friday night, I saw the musical, 42nd Street, at Pinewood Bowl. Wow, it was a beautiful, tap dance ballet! Even though the weather was very hot, my friends and I had a great time. 

We've had a couple of sad weeks here for Gary's family. His Grandma passed away about a week ago and then just last night, his Aunt passed away. Lots of emotions flowing at this moment. We spent yesterday with the nephew, Victor, while the rest of the family was at the hospital. 

So, on to happier things! 
In case you have been thinking that I never sew anymore, I finished the t-shirt quilt! 

This quilt was made for a former student. Besides knowing Liz from school, she and her grandma attend the church where I work and they sing in the choir. Grandma asked if I could make the quilt for her and I told her I would when I had time in the summer. 

So this is a double sided quilt and it is heavy! Liz had SO MANY t-shirts, I think I counted 60! I cut out seventy 12.5" squares, thirty five per side, which makes this quilt a twin size, 
60" x 84". 

I straight line quilted it with a medium grey thread. Yellow binding because it's her favorite color. 
Even though t-shirt quilts are not my favorite kind of quilt to make (and I will not be making another one anytime soon,) I did enjoy recognizing all the old shirts from school. I even have some of the same ones! 

This is us today at church! Liz was totally surprised and I'm happy I was able to give it to her in person. I hope she will use it when winter rolls around.


  1. Wow! A double sided t-shirt quilt...that sounds like quite a task. It turned out lovely!

    1. Thank you, Alissa! It really was a big job but Liz was surprised and so appreciative, it was worth it. Now I should figure out what to do with the t-shirt leftovers!

  2. are not suppose to mention "back to school". I hate that we always get: So when do you go back to school?? (Like I should be working instead of having the whole summer...unpaid they!) little achilles' heal is showing....anyhoo...GLAD you are enjoying your summer and getting rejuvinated...though I have been wondering if you've been sewing. The T-shirt is an awesome gift!!!


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