Nebraska Vacation

     When I was a kid, my parents would take my siblings and I on what we now like to call a "Nebraska Vacation." That meant driving someplace a couple hours from home, staying in a hotel and visiting a historical place. If the hotel had a swimming pool, I was in heaven. When I was a teenager, if the hotel had cable with the MTV channel, I was also in heaven. I don't know how our parents put up with our teenage angst years. On one such family outing, I remember one of my sisters pouting and refusing to go through Pioneer Village. I think she sat on the bumper of the mini van the whole time. I, on the other hand, remember feeling excited that I was old enough to be considered an adult there and was charged the adult price to get in! I skipped and tra-la-la-ed through the place. Ha! While these family trips weren't Disneyland, they were pretty great times together and I'm so glad my parents took us places in Nebraska!
     Last weekend, I had a Sunday off from church, so Gary and I jumped at the chance to get out of town. At first, we were going to go camping but with all the rain, we decided it would be too wet. We decided on a good ole fashioned Nebraska vacation! Here's what we did the first day.

Tiede's Second-hand & Antiques in Overton, Ne. They have a bit of everything, and if you like books, they've got you covered! They're open Saturday's or by appointment. 

I didn't catch the name of this place but it's just a block away from Tiede's. There's a small antique shop and then a custom woodworking operation. Gary enjoyed talking with the owner. 

I spotted a barn quilt! 

Catholic and Methodist churches.

I'm guessing this is part of the original Lincoln Highway. We learned a lot about the highway on this trip!

The Platte River is full.

I had never been to Fort Kearny that I could remember, so we drove South of the interstate to check it out. The sun was setting, illuminating the floating cottonwood fluff and the birds were singing their evening songs. We had the whole place to ourselves, which made for a peaceful walk through the park. 

Our hotel room had this fun picture of the Archway. More about that place tomorrow! 


  1. Oh, how I love Tiede's!! I purchased an old wardrobe type cupboard there to hold all of my fabrics :) Such a fun little vacation!

    1. Hi Alissa! Tiede's is a great place to find treasures! Thanks for stopping by!


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