Nebraska Vacation Day Three

Nebraska Vacation Day Three.
We visited the Buffalo County Historical Society/Trails & Rails Museum. A volunteer led us on a tour of all the buildings but if you don't want to pay the $5 admission, you can walk around the outside of the buildings for free.

The house was my favorite because FINALLY some quilts! :) These photos are a little blurry because no flash allowed inside the buildings.
Look at the stripes in that couch!

This Jesus picture was not original to the church but it was painted by a local artist and was saved from another church and displayed here. Once again, bright colors! 

This log house was discovered inside of a house when some renovations were being done. Apparently the owner just built on and around the log house.

Original decorative glass window in a different building. 

Blacksmith Shop which is brand new and hosts practicing blacksmiths. 

Next up, more cars at the Classic Car Collection.

This is how I felt about looking at more cars only I wasn't dressed like a flapper :) My feet were hurting after walking all day but once again, this place had lots of benches to sit on and take a break.  

Cabelas is basically connected to the Car Collection, so we had to go in.

All those eyes looking at me creeped me out.

We grabbed some Dairy Queen and drove over to our last stop, Cottonmill Park.

So that's our Nebraska Vacation! 
I hope you will visit some of these places sometime, we had a great time. 


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