Barn Festival

On Saturday, I drove to Hastings to meet up with mom and some of my Aunts at the Barn Festival. I've always wanted to go and since it's in my old college town of Hastings, I jumped at the chance!

  What a beautiful day it turned out to be! There were so many different items for sale, from yard art to coffee cake. Many of the items for sale were made in the USA or Nebraska! I REALLY wanted that armadillo band and the rusty crane sculptures but I didn't have enough money for all of that.

We shopped for a couple hours and I think we all left with a fun treasure. I bought some Pacha Soap, which I had in my bag and could smell the whole time. I used some this morning and I smelled goood! You can learn more about this Hastings, Nebraska couple, their company and global cause here. I also bought a peacock garden ornament which is now parked in front of my out of control mint patch.

After walking and shopping, we drove into Hastings to check out the Art Bar. It's a neat place which I'm pretty sure used to be my bank, back in my college days. The walls are covered with artwork for sale and they serve a variety of drinks.
 I bet they have live music, too.

Next, we drove over to Hastings College to check out the campus. It's much prettier than when I went to school there, with lots of sculptures and new buildings. I had a great time driving past all the old places, even my old crappy apartment house. (It's still crappy ha!)

I'm really glad I was able to go and hang out with mom and my Aunts! Good times.
The next Barn Festival in Hastings is in September the 18-20 & 25-27, 2015. 


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