Takin It To The Street

Exciting things are happening!
The street crew started tearing up the street in front of my house on Friday morning. 
One of the best things is that they had to tear out the annoying bush that was next to the mailbox. 
Yay! No more blind spot when we back out of the driveway!

Last week was super busy with something every night. Tuesday was fun because I went to the Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild meeting for the second time! I'm enjoying meeting new people, especially people who understand my quilt obsession haha!

Things didn't slow down over the weekend, I played for a wedding and a funeral with church services in between. I really wanted to sew but no such luck. 

Today was the Lincoln Marathon. Both of the churches I play for are located right inside the marathon path so it's very difficult to GET to church on marathon morning. One of the churches decided to have their service on Saturday night, so that meant that I had some free time this morning! 
Gary and I got some breakfast and went to the park. What a beautiful way to start the day!
I still haven't found the best way to get to church on marathon morning. I do love that people come out to support the runners, and I really love the bands that play on various corners along the route. This morning I enjoyed this polka band while I waited for a hole to open up so I could gun it through the intersection to the inside of the running route!  

Our sunny and beautiful day turned into a thunderstorm this evening. I'm sad to say that if we had a baby bunny nest in the lily of the valley patch, they most likely are drowned. It rained HARD and even a little bit of hail came down. Poor bunnies.  

Poor street crew! This is a muddy mess now. 

I didn't get any quilting done this weekend but I have the pieces all ready to put together.
 Maybe this week.
I bought myself a new coloring book and colored pencils at Joanns after Saturday night church. I had a 60% off coupon and I was planning on using it for some basting spray. Well, it was already on sale and I didn't want to waste my 60% off coupon! Does that ever happen to you? Ugh it's annoying! I guess that's how they get you to spend more money. 
Anyway, this book is called Just Add Color Botanical by Lisa Congdon. 
I'm a big fan of her artwork and this coloring book has been so much fun to color! 
I think this is just my speed tonight.



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