WIP Wednesday


The cocky doodler was crowing at 5:00 am again this morning. 
It was pretty much deja vu since Fleetwood Mac was playing on my alarm. 
I think the DJ on the radio needs to try harder.

So last Friday night I went to the IQSCM to hear Victoria Findlay Wolfe speak and see her double wedding ring quilts. I was surprised when I got there that they were having a "meet with the artist" moment and she was standing next to her quilts and talking about them! I was able to meet her and we took a photo together, which I wasn't expecting to do at all but that was really cool!
I really enjoyed her talk. When she spoke about her grandmother's polyester quilts, I couldn't help but think of my own grandma, who also made some of those. I also loved that she talked about how making and giving quilts is a joyful thing. Yes, I agree!
So I bought her latest book and I had to jump right in and try something! I pulled out all my brown fabrics and cut out pieces to make the retro mod quilt. In the book it's made with brightly colored polyester fabrics, which is so much fun. I'm kind of going for a 70's vibe with mine. I really want to use up the older fabrics in my stash and some of these browns are OLD! I'm tackling the curves one day at a time and I think I will have a top put together by the end of the week! 



  1. Thanks for the beautiful nature photos - they're super inspiring. We have had the best spring ever here in the Texas Hill Country, and I am enjoying it as much as I can. That block looks really fun to make. Does she use special rulers?

  2. Such lovely spring pics.... We had snow here again this week. How rude! What a wonderful opportunity to get a chance to meet Victoria and hang out! Love the progress on your Retro Mod quilt. Those are some great fabric choices for a "That 70's Quilt". Sewing the curves can be kinda fun!


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