Photos from the Weekend


Saturday morning, I went to The Ross to see the operas Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci. The first one was so dark, the set and costumes were very stark and black. The stage rotated, which was cool at first but then they kept using it, and I was like, enough with the rotation already!! The one part I liked was during one of the first scenes, there was a row of women, all sitting together, knitting. ha! 
The yarn was black, of course. 
Pagliacci at least had bright costumes, a live horse and some comic moments. It was such a sad story though. Both operas were very depressing and they both ended with people dying from stab wounds.
Jeesh! I had to get out of there and do something fun to lift my spirits! 

I decided to walk the couple blocks over to the Sheldon to see the Gee's Bend from Quilts to Prints exhibit. I loved it! I pretty much had the place to myself, which was nice. My favorite was the red, white and black print called "Mama's Song" because it had piano keys in the design and it was made in honor of the makers mother, who was a singer.

After seeing those quilts made from old clothing, I got to thinking that buying new fabric or a whole line of a designers fabric seems so extravagant. It's not about the fabric but what you do with the fabric that matters. Is that what I'm getting at? Anyway, maybe that's why I'm trying to use up fabric that I've had sitting around here forever.
Speaking of old fabric, I've got my retro quilt top all put together. My brain did some flip flops trying to figure it out but I did it! Now to get a backing together and figure out the quilting. 

Oh and if you're wondering about the animals around here, we have a house finch nesting by the picture window and a bunny nest right outside my sewing room. 
So far no robins nests this spring..yet!


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