Not A Good Hair Day

My first memory of today was Stevie Nicks singing about Rhiannon. 
My alarm clock had gone off and I got up out of bed. Not 30 seconds later, I heard a rooster crowing outside my window. What the heck?! 
 I quickly opened the blinds and peered out, bleary eyed, into the darkness. 
Nothing. I waited to see if I would hear the crowing again. Nope. 
That was weird.
 I live inside the city limits and to my knowledge, none of my neighbors have chickens. Now I want to investigate because I'm wondering if I was hallucinating?
 I swear I don't usually hear roosters crowing outside my bedroom window.
In other wildlife news, Gary and I heard two owls calling to each other and Gary saw a fox in our neighborhood just last night. It's almost like living in the country with all the critters we see, so why not have a random rooster roaming around? 

With Easter last weekend and a school concert tonight, I've been making lots of music. Not much quilting happening. I did get the maple leaf quilt marked and I'm hoping to get started quilting it this week but it's not looking promising. We're taking the choir to Worlds of Fun on Saturday which is an allllll day/night thing. I'm hoping for good weather and I've got my hexie kit ready to go. There's plenty of hexies to keep me busy on the bus ride, I think I cut out about 100 or more from the background fabric! This hexie project is going to take forever and right now, I really want it to come together because I'm loving what's happening! 
I must have patience!


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