Supernova Sisters

 This just makes me smile!
Here they are together, our Super Duper Supernova Sister Quilts!

Kristie and I have been working on these since last May/June,
when we joined the Supernova Friendship Block Swap. Wow, it has been so much fun!
Here are the results of the contest, we are just thrilled!

Last Friday, we were finally able to get together to take some photos of our quilts.
 The weather happened to be great!
A little breezy, but we managed to get a couple photos without the quilts flapping in the wind.

I just noticed this, but our quilts aren't exactly identical.
The middle two rows are flip flopped in mine. I thought I was copying Kristie's layout exactly!

After these pics, we stopped at the Cosmic Cow Quilt Shop to show off our quilts, since that was the place we first met and chose fabrics together. We decided that the quilt shop needs a place to sit and chit chat, because we probably could've stayed and visited with everyone there ALL afternoon!

Our next stop was the new location of Cultiva Coffee Shop, where we had iced mochas and I got this HUGE crepe. Mmmm it was yummy!

Cultiva just happens to be very close to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum AND it was First Friday, so we popped in to see what was happening at the museum!

We got some flair!

As always, the quilts on display are super cool.

Here is what is showing right now.
This coming Saturday, the 14th, they will be hosting a National Quilting Day event.
 I'm hoping to check it out! 

Kristie and I had a great time hanging out and talking about quilts.
I can't wait til the next time!


  1. Oh Gosh I love your post!! Those pictures are so great and then all the things you took while we were out and about....Wonderful!! So much fun! I can't wait till next time too. :)

  2. Beautiful photos of the magnificent quilts you made! - I love the pattern and the colors. Just lovely. The quilts on display at the museum look amazing too - love the crazy quilt. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Susan! If you're ever in Lincoln, you must stop by the museum!


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