Superbowl Sunday Snowday


I have to admit that I was feeling little jealous of all the East coast snow pictures I was seeing on Instagram last week. I mean, I'm not complaining about the warm temps we've been experiencing here in Nebraska, it's just weird for January. I've been ready for a good ole snow day for awhile now. When it rained/snowed all day yesterday, I was pretty sure church would be called off this morning. 
I did a little happy dance when I got the call.  
I haven't had a Sunday off in a long time and I kept thinking, 
"What is this wonderful thing called Sunday morning at home? It's awesome!" 

Sunday mornings at home are the best. I don't want to go back to church ever again. 

 Since I was up early, I got right to work doing all my favorite snow day things: 
Making a yummy breakfast of quiche and rhubarb muffins. 
Taking pictures.
Taking a nap. 
Baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate. 
Making soup. 

Gary was my snow shoveling hero and cleared the sidewalks and driveway. 
He may not be as excited about snow days as I am. 
Do you have any snow day rituals? 


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