Rehearsals for our school musical have begun to pick up, which means more time in front of a piano and less time sewing. But, I put together a little hexie sewing kit so I can work on them in between songs! I learned how to make these hexies from circles here, only, I happened to see it on TV.
Over last weekend, I started quilting my dad's wall hanging. I may just get it finished in time for his birthday! 
Happy Wednesday! 
If you live in Nebraska,  get outside and enjoy the warm weather for me!

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  1. Beautiful! I love the colours of the fabrics you've chosen.

  2. Such great hexes. I love your claret and aqua combo.

  3. I like your color combinations as well. I'm plugging away on hexagons again. I have a table topper started. I have thousands of hexagons to make so it's my forever project just getting them made, let alone making them in to anything.

    1. Thank you, Marsha!
      I feel like this could be a forever project for me too, I'm just making the hexies and then once I get a big pile of them, I will decide what to do haha!


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