Pixelated Heart

I have been wanting to try sewing something "pixelated" for awhile now. Friday night I decided to try a heart, since Valentine's Day is coming up soon.
I heard about sticking all the squares to thin interfacing and then sewing the seams, which is supposed to result in very straight rows. I pulled out some interfacing I had in my stash, which, I don't think is the thinnest kind available, but I went with what I had.

Saturday, we took some kids from school to see an opera, streamed live from the Met in NY, at the Ross Media Arts Center. 
The Merry Widow is actually an operetta, which is different from an opera in that is shorter in length, usually has a humorous theme and there is spoken dialog. 

I really enjoyed it, mostly because it was infused with some bubbly Broadway fun!
Here is a number with lots of dancing if you're interested.

I haven't been in downtown Lincoln much lately and things are a changin'! If it hadn't been so windy Saturday afternoon, I would have spent more time walking around and checking things out. I was almost blown away by a gust of wind while waiting to cross the street, so I decided to head home. I did snap a couple pics though!
Here's a pic from the parking garage of the new glass tower on P Street. 
It's by the artist, Jun Kaneko, and is named Ascent.
 It's way cooler at night because it lights up!
The Torn Notebook on UNL's campus. This is not new but I have never taken a photo of it.

After the opera, I got back to work on my little pixelated heart. I decided to turn it into a mini quilt. 
It measures about 11' x 12" and I used only scraps!
I added a couple other decorations to make a Valentine wall.
Gary laughed at my hoop with yarn on it. 

I like my Valentine wall. 
It's festive. 
Happy Monday! 


  1. Totally cool and very festive! I love your heart! :)


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