Christmas from the Road


Gary, my brother Chris and I have made it back home from our whirlwind Christmas trip.
This year, we traveled to St. Paul, Kearney, Broken Bow and back to Lincoln in three days.
We made ugly Christmas sweaters at mom's, what a hoot! The boys got into it more than the girls and I think they had the best designs. 

The weather was gloomy yet decent for driving, except for the snow we ran into the day after Christmas. We made it to dad's in Broken Bow safely though, where we sat cozy by the fire and watched it snow. 

Saturday afternoon, we stopped by the local gift shop,  Ortello Dale. It is run by Jill Downey, who I used to baby sit when she was a little girl! I would have like to see her but she wasn't working. What a cute place! She had lots of fun things, Christmas decorations and home decor. I bought a couple metal letter magnets and some pretty smelling soap. After that, we crossed the square and shopped at the The Hobby Shack. The last time I shopped there, the store was half hobby/craft store, half hunting bows, knives and smoking supplies. Now it is all craft store and The Smoke Shack has moved to a location on the highway. Anyway, the Hobby Shack had a nice selection of fabric, so I bought a couple yards of solids for my stash. Gary was interested in visiting the Smoke Shack, so we went there and looked at the variety of items for sale. We ended up buying some incense and Gary found lots of gift ideas for the brother in law who likes to hunt!

On a short drive out on the highway, we saw a murmuration happening. So mysterious and cool to watch. I should have taken a video!

It was time to head back to Lincoln, so Chris, Gary and I took off. We usually have to take a potty break by the time we hit Grand Island and we almost always stop at Bosselman's. Who knew that you could buy such delicacies as Braunschweiger sandwiches and pickled quail eggs! Ewww! Haha!

I'm so glad we were able to get out of town to visit family for Christmas. 
How was your holiday?


  1. So cool and I had to look up murmuration and have caught one of those a time or two too! I am so glad you had a fun trip.


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