The Boy Was Here

One of my jobs is being a church musician. I don't know if other people do this, but after 15 years of getting up early every Sunday morning, I have to take a Sunday afternoon nap. I NEED it. I'm not sure why church tires me out so much but it does. 
When I got home from church this afternoon, I had some leftover soup and then took an extra long nap. Yes I did.

Last week, the boy was here. While the rest of the family was in the Virgin Islands celebrating a wedding, V spent the week hanging out with Gary and me. The week started off a little rough for him because he had a cold but thankfully that went away after a couple days. We all got into the groove of getting ready in the morning. V even got up with an alarm all by himself! Gary and I got a taste of the school drop off/pick up. I spent most of my nights in the kitchen cooking and washing dishes. Homework got done. V happily practiced piano, mostly playing his new favorite song, Silent Night. I caught V's cold and lost my voice which made work interesting. Oh well.

My mom also came to stay with us Wednesday night for the music teachers convention. I barely got to see her except around the breakfast table before we all left for the day. We did have a date Thursday night to see Kurt Elling in concert though! He is one of my favorite singers so I was super excited to see him live. The concert was so good. Kurt did his thing, the band was swinging and after the busy week I had been having, it just made my heart happy. 
Here is one of my favorites of his if you want to watch. The poem in the middle is beautiful and I love everything about the piano playing. So good. 

Fast forward to Saturday. We had talked about having our own tropical party, but the week got so busy we had to settle for a "tropical breakfast." It was a little bit festive with the umbrellas haha! V wanted to stay a longer after Grandma and Grandpa got back, so he and Gary played some video games and then we roasted marshmallows around the firepit. S'mores and cider. It was a sweet ending to a fun week with V.
I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving this week. How about you? It's my favorite holiday! 


  1. Wow fun times! Glad it all went well. No time for sewing but no time for me either and I have lots of time. haha
    Happy Thanksgiving!!


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