Summer vacation is almost over. I had my first school meeting the other day which yanked me right out of summer mode. I even had a stress dream about taking kids on a school field trip! Yep, summer vacation is quickly slipping away.

I had high hopes for getting lots of projects done this last week but I mostly felt out of sorts and not motivated at all. 

I did knit this baby hat for my hairstylist. She's expecting her baby any day now, so I was lucky to get in for my back to school haircut and color! 

I made myself sit down to sew on the herringbone quilt..

168 Half Square Triangles later I had the top sewn together.

I like how this looks but getting there was a bit tedious for me. Only two colors and one block over and over? Not my favorite kind of sewing! I'm glad to have the piecing done though. Good to have this off my design wall so I can get back to my dad's wall hanging. 


  1. Wow you have been busy! Such a cool knit hat and I guess I know who to go to if I need help with my poor poor knitting skills. :)
    I can't wait to see your quilt. I dread when I have to make half/square triangles so you really were not afraid to do all looks really interesting so far so can't wait to see a full shot.
    I tried to take a pic of some hummingbird moths but I don't have your skills. :) I don't want summer to be over...say it isn't so!


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