Photos from the Weekend

Have you ever been to Cool and Collected Antiques here in Lincoln? Gary and I visited there last Friday and I loved it! I bought this old muffin tin. I was going to make muffins in it this morning but I'm out of cupcake papers.

Gary's really beginning to get into taking care of the lawn, which I love! After seeing some old tractor sprinklers at Cool and Collected Antiques and a little bit of research, he decided to buy one. It's all metal and feels like it weighs about 50 pounds! I can't wait to see if it works!

Fun fact: These were manufactured in Lincoln!

While we were checking out, I noticed this pretty hankie display. I had to snap a pic of this color combo..definitely color inspiration for a future quilt project!
We didn't have much time to shop at Cool and Collected antiques that day so I hope to visit again soon. They have lots of fun vintage finds and the staff was very friendly. 

On Saturday, I visited my sister and her family in Omaha. We checked out Midwest Pickers Warehouse.

Isn't this kitchen sign cool? 

The warehouse is a big place filled with a lot of STUFF.


The kids loved the old fashioned phones! This store is fun if you like to dig a little bit. 

On Sunday, Gary and I went to the Lancaster County Super Fair!

While admiring the llamas the animal barn, I met a boy who had just finished showing a llama for the first time. Apparently, it had gone very well for him, he received three purple ribbons! Not bad for the first time being in 4-H, I'd say! He was super cute, introducing me to this llama named Pippin and answering all my questions. 

The model trains were fun to watch and it was  also a nice place to sit down, cool off and rest our tired feet. Gary had a lengthy conversation with one of the railroad guys about his display. I even learned a couple things about railroad signaling!

We met up with Gar's mom and nephew, Victor at the fair. Being 10 years old, all V wanted to do was rides, of course! Oh, and get a funnel cake, which we did. I don't do rides so I took pictures! 

I love the fair and I hope to visit again this week because I want to see the quilts and the racing pigs!!


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