Candy Coated Baby Quilt

    I've had this Candy Coated Quilt finished for awhile now but have been lazy about photographing it. So, when mom and I were leaving Mason City last weekend, I thought maybe my Aunt Phyllis' barn would be a good place for a photo shoot. Plus, it has a fresh coat of paint and looks great! Mom was up for it so we pulled over. 
     My Aunt's barn has this red  'Z' on the front, which I LOVE! I had mom hold the quilt up there..

It was a little bit too sunny by the front...

So we went to the shady side.

Mom didn't think my phone was taking pictures haha! 

Then we spotted this falling down building and tried some pics there.

The whole time I was worried that some critter or swarm of insects would come after us! Or, the building could fall down. Thankfully, nothing like that happened. Ha!

So here are the quilt details:
I was inspired by this one and even quilted it with the same wavy lines!
It measures about 40" x 46" and is made entirely of scraps. I determined the size of my rows by the scraps I had on hand. The three row sizes ended up at 2", 4.5" and 6.5" wide.
I used green for the binding because people on Instagram suggested it and I had enough on hand in my stash!

I just love how it turned out! This quilt really is a scrap buster and so easy to put together. 

 Mom and I thought that there are a lot of great places to take photos of quilts out by Mason. Maybe we will have another quilty adventure next time I visit. Thanks, mom, for doing a photo shoot with me! That was fun! 


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