What's Blooming in the Yard

     The garden by the garage is my favorite spot right now. It's in the third year of growing here and it's finally filling in. It also gets the best sun so the flowers grow well.

                  Here's what's blooming!

Good 'ol coneflowers. I like them because they always bloom and don't need any special treatment.

I've spotted two praying mantis in the coneflower patch. What a fun bug to watch!

I'm pretty sure this is a weed but the blue flowers are interesting up close.

I planted some California poppy seeds in the spring and some of them actually survived all the spring rain. I just love these and I hope they re-seed themselves.

I planted dahlias for the first time and WOW these are beautiful! 

Last summer, I transplanted a tiny daylily from the back to the front because it looked like it wasn't going to make it.

Now look at it! I was thinking it was going to be one of those plain orange ones that grow everywhere. What a surprise that it has these huge yellow flowers! 

These moss roses have been so pretty.

I like how they are multicolored.

So that's the garage garden right now! My garden still looks so sparse compared to my mom's garden. She has flowers blooming everwhere! I have to remember that gardening takes time and patience. Mine will get there eventually!


  1. So pretty and you are so good about catching those little guys sitting on the plants. Love the photo of the mantis...you know that is the focus I was looking for. So cool!


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