This story begins many years ago with a quilt I made for my sister, Melissa. I had to get this picture from Flickr because I didn't have a blog when I made this quilt and who knows where the picture file is now! 
     Flickr says this photo is from five years ago but I'm thinking it's probably been closer to seven when I actually finished the quilt. All I know is, time flies!

I remember my sister and I shopped for this Amy Butler fabric at the Material Girl quilt shop in Grand Island.
I still love that eyelash fabric and the big fun florals!

Here's the pieced back. Some of those fabrics had lots of brown in them and just didn't work with the front so I put them on the back.

Oh my old apartment! You can see my quilt frame there. I spent a lot of time hand quilting this with wavy lines. I must have finished around Christmas time because I see some angel decorations out. Haha!

Summer seems to be the time I work on my scrap boxes. When I came across the scraps from this quilt a few weeks back, I texted my sister and said "aww look what I found!"
She asked if I had enough for a pillow. This is what I came up with!

I wanted to try curved seams and I talked about that adventure here. There are so many placement options when it comes to this type of block. I tried a bunch of different arrangements but settled on this shell design.

The pillow top measures 20" square. I decided to hand quilt it which was nice to do. I haven't hand quilted for awhile and this was a small project so it didn't seem like it was going to take forever to finish!

I found this fabric for the back at JoAnn. Don't the colors and design match just perfectly? I love it when that happens. 

It feels good to have used up some more scraps. Now I need to get this in the mail!


  1. Ohh love that A. Butler fabric in the quilt and love love love the pillow. The layout of the blocks makes a really cool design. And I love that you hand quilt. My mom is probably saying...see others know how hand quilt!!! :)


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