Mason City Homecoming 2014

      I've just returned home from a fun weekend with family. Lots of pictures in this post!

      My first stop was mom's in St. Paul. Her garden is a profusion of yellow and purple right now!

 So pretty.
These were the only photos I took of her garden because she put me to work baking for the farmer's market the next day.

I made a double batch of rhubarb streusal muffins with rhubarb fresh from the garden, a pan of scotcharoos and cinnamon rolls. Did I mention that it was probably close to 100 degrees outside? I was sweating, not only because of the heat but because I hadn't made cinnamon rolls in AGES! I was a little nervous but they turned out ok and were sold at the farmer's market. Yes!

Next, we drove over to Mason City to meet Aunt Loretta and help set up the quilt show in Sunshine Library.

I hammered nails in the bookshelves and mom strung some wire. Loretta had cut lengths of ribbon to make loops that we then hung over the wire and pinned to the quilts.

It was a hot job! The library was quite toasty so we tried to finish as quickly as possible!

I think our little quilt show was a success. We had about 30 quilts and a couple crochet items on display for the homecoming celebration.

Saturday was when we attended the homecoming festivities.
There was a small classic car show.

Turtle races and the pedal pull.

The quilt show in Sunshine Library.

Mom and I watching the quilt show visitors from the sidewalk. At least there was a breeze outside!

If you ever travel Highway 2 in central Nebraska, you have to stop at The French Table! It's located right on Main Street in Mason City in a beautifully renovated 1907 church building. You will find fine art, antiques and the awesome owner, Lisa Moody. Such a treat in small town Nebraska! We stopped in to check out the new business and cool off.

Saturday evening, I helped with the cake walk, so I didn't get any more pics. We did have a nice get together with food and birthday cake in Uncle Charles' barn though. I enjoyed sitting in on my Uncles car talk!

Festivities continued on Sunday with a worship service in the park, a children's play and an alumni banquet. 
My favorite part of the worship service was accompanying my relatives on the song Sanctuary. Oh, and the children's bell choir was just the cutest thing!
Here's a few more photos from Sunday.

Main Street

This advertisement drop used to hang in the Mason City Opera House. It now hangs in the community building. I think it's interesting that this business advertises furniture, rugs and undertaking!!


This is my Aunt Phyllis's barn with a fresh coat of paint. I love the Z for Zimmer! 

I had a great time at homecoming. I didn't even get to all the activities going on. I'm so glad that the people in Mason are trying to keep the tradition going. I hope to make it again next year!


  1. I am so glad your aunts made me aware of your blog. Your quilts are awesome, your photography is amazing, and your blog has given me regular "postcards from Nebraska". (You are probably too young to remember that old segment on CBS Sunday Morning - but the show remains one of my favorites.) Thank you so much for posting about Mason City's Homecoming and letting me see Phyllis' barn!
    Trudy Pollard
    Charlotte NC

    1. Hi Trudy! Thank you so much for stopping by here! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos from Mason, we had a fun time.
      Phyllis' s barn is really neat. I think we need to have a barn party there soon...maybe that will happen at the Junk Jaunt!


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