Last week, I attended the Lincoln Quilt Guild quilt show. I met up with Kristie, my new quilty friend! She had three quilts in the show. I liked all of her quilts but I was really impressed with her pixelated quilt, So Blue. It was my favorite of all the quilts! I love that it is a picture of her mom, which is just so sweet. To fully see the picture though, the quilt has to be viewed from a distance, kind of like an impressionist painting. It's like a magic trick! It is so cool and now I want to try it!

  I really enjoyed looking at all the quilts with Kristie since she knew many of the people who made them and had some perspective on their history.

As we walked and talked, I was thinking about this wall hanging for my dad. Kristie had so many great suggestions on what I could do next! I'm taking her advice on continuing the seasonal theme.
 Check out my fall leaves!

I cut out a leaf shape then ironed on some Heat n Bond. After all the leaves were ironed on the background fabric, I zig zagged around the edge with some variegated thread, which is called Autumn Leaves. :)

To make the border more exciting, I sewed the yellow triangles on the corners to make this tilted x design. I think it makes the leaves seem like they are swirling!

That completes the fall season on the wall hanging. Now on to winter!


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