WIP Wednesday

Have you noticed ladders being used to display quilts lately? I've been trying to decide how to store and/or display my quilts here at my closet challenged house. The more I thought about leaning a ladder up against the wall with my quilts on it, the more I thought it could work! I like the look too, so I started keeping an eye out for old ladders.

I spied this ladder at Vintage Village, which is on 'O' street. I noticed it on the sidewalk and after driving past it for several weeks, I finally stopped to check it out. I decided to buy it! Luckily, I had my Aunt's van for a couple days and I used it to pick it up. 

I scrubbed it with some wood soap to clean off the grime. Then, Gary went to work sanding the rough spots. I'm so thankful he did the hard sanding work. I would still be sanding if I didn't have his help!

So far, I have applied one coat of stain and it's looking good! Now if the wind would stop blowing so I can finish it up! 

In sewing news..

I sewed my candy coated quilt all together and quilted it. I tried doing wavy lines instead of straight and it actually went ok! It's not perfect, there are definitely some weird spots, but overall, I think it looks pretty good!

Doesn't it look nice on my ladder? :)

Now to figure out some binding. Any suggestions on the color? 


  1. LOVE the ladder! LOVE the quilt! WTG on finding that ladder. I think on the quilt it could be a scrappy binding or the orange and aqua mixed maybe??

  2. As I keep looking at it, I think an emerald green binding could be interesting. Like the darker greens you've used in the quilt.


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