Supernova Friendship Block Swap

I'm so excited to be participating in the Supernova Friendship Block Swap!

Stephanie, from Late Night Quilter and Sandra, from One Million Stitches have put the whole swap together. The idea is to partner up with a quilter you don't know very well, choose a color scheme and then each of you makes the Supernova Blocks, designed by Lee at Freshly Pieced. Each month you learn something new about your partner and you give and get a quilt block. Eventually, you have enough blocks for a quilt and hopefully, a new friend! So fun!

So, now I am getting to know Kristie, who blogs at Sew Sunshine. I've been reading Kristie's blog for awhile now, and I know about her quilts but not much about her! Since we live in the same town, we decided to meet up at a local quilt shop to choose our color scheme. Getting to meet her in person was a treat! We discovered that we actually live in the same part of town. Isn't that funny?

For our color scheme, we decided on rainbow with a dark grey background. My colors are red, orange and pink. She has yellow, green and blue. Then we're going to see how the blocks are looking and we'll choose the next colors. 

These are the fabrics I've chosen so far. I will probably mess with my choices once I start sewing! 
This is going to be a lot of fun!


  1. Great job on the post. I think this quilt is going to be awesomely wonderful.


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