We made it to Friday! 
What a busy week I've had with church meetings and the final choir concert at school. I actually had a night at home last night and found myself playing catch up with laundry and dishes. Not really what I wanted to be doing but it has to get done sometime!

 There hasn't been much time to work in the yard but I did take a moment to pick some Lily of the Valley and Columbine. They are the blooming flowers at the moment! While I was picking flowers, one of my neighbors stopped by for a chat. He was lamenting about how chilly the weather has been. I agreed that it has been strange weather lately. I was cold so I got my shawl out again!

I'm hoping to start on a baby quilt this weekend. This one is for a boy, so I pulled some blues and greens and picked up a couple new fabrics to add to the stack. I'm thinking simple squares again, like the orange and grey baby quilt. I'm waiting for the orange and grey quilt to be given as a gift before I post pictures. I'm excited to share it with you because I love how it turned out! 

Happy Weekend!


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