Bunnies and Birds

Our yard is a critter nursery right now. 

We have three nests of grackles. The babies have left one nest and are in the trees around the house. The robins, Mrs. Waddles and baby, have also flown the nest! I was sad that I missed the baby leaving the nest but I did find the pair, high up in the tree in the backyard. There's lots of peeping and cheeping going on all around.

The bunny has taken up residence in the lily of the valley again. I'm guessing there is a nest of babies in there somewhere. Last year, a whole bunch of tiny bunnies scurried out when I tried to water! I won't water there for awhile, I don't want to scare the poor things. We'll see how my plants fare with all the bunnies around. I may have to cover some things!


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