Signs of Spring

 Well, after a trip to the Dr. and a prescription for antibiotics, I'm finally on the mend. I pretty much coughed my way through every church service I played for last week. It was awful and I was miserable. To have Easter services done and also be feeling better is a huge relief!
We had a low key Easter. I played for services and then our dinner plans were postponed, so Gary and I just hung out at home and relaxed. It was fine by me.

Spring has sprung in my yard, which is making me so happy! 
The blue chionodoxa around the patio are the first flowers to make an appearance. Then the bright red quince and the vinca bloom at the same time. I'm most excited that the daffodils I transplanted two years ago are finally blooming. They are such a cheerful flower!

Today I put out the wren houses. Next I'm hoping to start cleaning up the leafy corners of the yard and maybe start digging a new flower bed. We'll see how ambitious I get!


  1. I hope you are on the mend Jen. I bet that was a struggle for church being sick. Your pics are great!


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