On to the next baby quilt!
 Orange and grey with a little hot pink for a fun pop!

It looks like I have been inspired by my cutting mat again. Actually, I didn't choose the colors this time but I do like this color combination. The last time I used orange and grey in a project I made these potholders.

The past couple days I've been cutting out squares and playing around with the layout. I'm not sure if I "love" it yet so I'm letting it hang out on the design wall. I like to stare at my quilt layouts while I brush my teeth in the morning haha! Is that weird? My brain isn't filled with a bunch of other thoughts then I guess.
 It's a fresh look.

Busy week here. I've got a concert at school tonight and at church we're gearing up for Easter. I may not get any sewing done until this weekend. More time to brush my teeth and stare at this quilt I guess.
Happy Tuesday!


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