I'm home sick today. Yuck. I'm mad too because I made it through the whole winter without getting sick! I've been sleeping on the couch most of the day but when I did have a little burst of energy, here's what I saw outside my window.

Mama robin is starting to build a nest in the car port. She can't decide where she wants her nest to be though. There are twigs and strands of grass along the whole length and on both sides. I will be surprised if she actually makes a nest there because we walk by all the time.

 We have baby squirrels.

 I think there are three of them. 

 They played in the crook of the tree for a long time. 

They're pretty cute. I've enjoyed watching them from my spot on the couch. 

Here's something making me happy today, my Christmas cactus is blooming! Actually, it's a Thanksgiving cactus. It's timing has always been a little off. I don't care though, it's pretty no matter when it blooms.
I'm gonna go back to the couch now and watch cooking shows. 
I hoping Gary will bring me some soup!


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