Time to Make Another Sweater...for My Mailbox

Remember when I knit my mailbox a sweater?
Two years ago. 
If you're wondering how yarn bombing holds up after two years of weather...

This is what it looks like now. 
Sad and saggy. :(
After the last snow, I noticed it had begun to droop and unravel in places. 
Then, I saw a pesky little squirrel trying his hardest to pull the thing apart. 
I wonder what he wanted it for? 
A cozy blanket in his nest? 
Maybe I will cut it apart and see if the squirrels and birds use it.

Spring is coming! I've been hearing birds singing in the mornings and I saw a whole bunch of robins the other day. I love that!

We had a great run of the musical last weekend and even though it was fun, I'm excited to get back to my regular schedule and doing crafty things again. Being away from my post at the piano every night has been nice, although, today is Ash Wednesday and I will be playing at church later.
Lent here we come!


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