The First Day of Spring!

I've got my flower seeds all picked out!
I don't know about you, but I am so ready for warmer days. 
Greener grass. 
Flowers and chirping birds.

I ran across this photo of my birdbath garden from years ago. 
It makes me smile and brings back lots of memories of when my two sisters and I lived together in a house on Washington Street. Becky and I were fresh out of college and Melissa was studying at UNL. Living in a big old house with my sisters was so much fun!

 We wanted to try everything home and garden and we watched LOTS of HGTV. 
We painted the porch. We painted the bedrooms. We spilled paint on the carpet and then ripped up the carpet and convinced our landlord that we needed wood floors. Ha! We got the cutest kitty because there were mice in the kitchen. That's what we told the landlord anyway! You see, the stray kitty was brought home and he was so small and cute, we couldn't not keep him! As it turns out, there really was a mouse in the kitchen. He ended up dying a horrible hot death in the coffee maker. Yeah. Eeeeew. That was so disgusting!

The yard needed lots of work. The backyard was a dirt/weed patch and the front yard had been a parking spot for the former renters. It looked pretty bad. None of us had a pickup truck, but I had a 1983 Subaru wagon that could somewhat haul things. With the help of the boyfriends, we rented a tiller and transported it back to the house where we all took turns tilling up the entire backyard. I think we were a little bit nuts because, hello! Tilling up an entire backyard is a ton of work! I wouldn't do that again! At any rate, we were excited to make that place a home. Once the yard was tilled, we went to work planting a garden and replanting grass. I planted flowers everywhere I could. Becky planted vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes, corn and okra. Then we watched things grow while battling squirrels and bunnies and bugs.

Being outside meant we met lots of colorful characters in the neighborhood. One of them being our next door neighbor. I can't totally be sure of this but I think we inspired him to start a garden. His backyard was small but there was enough space for a little garden. His only obstacle was a huge tree stump. He took shovel and began digging...and digging. He worked on removing that stump for days! I can still picture him up to his chest in a giant hole.. hahah!
 Good times.
So yeah, Mother Nature, how about you start warming things up around here?
Pretty Please? I'm ready to garden!!


  1. Hahahaha! I forgot about the neighbor and the tree stump.

    1. Haha! Yep, he was a fun neighbor! I remember when he came over to check out our garden and wanted to try some of the herbs we had planted. I think it was cilantro? I gave him a "try at your own risk" warning....well, he picked a leaf and took a bite and it almost knocked him out it was so strong! The poor guy had tears running down his face. I felt so bad but it was so funny at the same time because he was trying to be cool about it and I barely knew him so it was just an awkward situation!


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