Saturday Love

Saturdays at home, oh how I have missed you! 
This morning was fun because last night, Gary and V decided to have a "dude night." They planned on watching a movie together. Well, dude night eventually turned into an overnight sleepover! Yay! 
I had to make something for breakfast because the 10 year old was STARVING! :)

This was an easy bacon quiche. I haven't been to the store since getting back from the California trip but luckily, I had eggs and bacon and a pie crust in the fridge.  I wasn't sure if V would like it, but he ate 2 pieces, so I think it was ok!
Do you like my California towel? It's my favorite souvenir from the trip! It's from Cat Studio. I love their products! Sometime I would like to get one of these embroidered pillows.

V always requests some kind of pancake when he visits. 
This time he wanted Puffins. Super yummy and fun to dip in syrup!

So now the boys are playing video games and I am going to work on a baby quilt.
Hooray for Saturdays at home!!


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