A Day Off

Today was just a pretty great day. 

No school for me because of girl's state basketball tournaments. I stayed in my jammies and drank an extra cup of coffee this morning. Then I ran all over town finishing up some last minute errands.
Post office for postcard stamps.
Lunch at Le Quartier Baking Company. Yum!!
The mall for some new sunglasses.
I painted my toes because it's been awhile.
Barnes and Noble for some reading material on the plane. 
I filled up the bird feeders because I will be gone for awhile and I noticed a blue jay feather. I love the bright blue!
Gary and I had supper together at IHOP. The picture makes it look like we ordered 10 items off the menu. Really we only ordered 2. And some extra bacon. I think our server got confused or something. All of my items came out on little plates!
Have I mentioned that I'm going to California tomorrow?
We are taking our music department on a trip. I will be chaperoning 8 out of about 90 kids for 5 days. It should be fun! I know I will be exhausted the entire time.
 I can do this.
Please send some good thoughts my way!


  1. Jen, I enjoy your blog so much! Have a great time with your students in balmy California!

    1. Thank you, Pam! We had a great time! The weather was just perfect and there were no shenanigans from the kids. I would love to go back sometime!


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