The Sun is Shining!

Due to the frigid temps we've been experiencing, I have been hibernating under a pile of blankets all week. The sun is shining today though, so I'm taking advantage of my sudden motivation to clean out my linen closet. So far, I have washed all the sheets, folded my table cloths and stacked up all my quilts. Now to get it all put away neatly. Next I should work on reorganizing my fabric and yarn stash, but one thing at a time, you know? 
I have been enjoying the birds at the feeders, especially the all the different woodpeckers. The critters seem to be taking advantage of the brief warm up too!


  1. Hola Jen que belleza lo que nos muestras aparte de todo lo que una aprovecha en invierno y no se puede salir, de ordenar y disfrutar de la casa por dentro esta bueno, pero el paisaje "hay" el paisaje que se ve desde tu ventana es maravilloso ♥ que placer besitos .


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