Got To Be Startin Somethin

 It's musical time again which means longer hours at work for me. This year we are putting on Beauty and the Beast and already the Gaston song is running through my mind constantly.
 I shouldn't start new crafty projects when I'm so busy at work but last weekend, I was inspired to try a quilt as you go quilt! I've been wanting to try the Any Way You Slice It quilt from the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book and after looking it over, I thought the blocks would work well for a quilt as you go.
I found every piece of left over cotton batting in my fabric mess and figured out that I could cut the pieces into 7" squares. I ended up with 72 squares, so if I have enough fabric, it should end up being a little smaller than a twin size quilt. 
The instructions in the book call for using pattern pieces to cut out the fabric but since I'm doing quilt as you go, I marked each piece of batting with the sewing lines. Then I chose fabrics from my stash and cut a bunch of 2" and 3" strips and started sewing. It's just like paper foundation piecing. After all the strips were on the batting, I trimmed the blocks to 7".
 I have been trying to make a few blocks at night after work. I like how it is turning out so far! 
Next, I would like to try another quilt as you go to use up some scraps. It may be awhile before that happens, but I think I like this quilt as you go method!


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