I'm trying to get caught up on my blog posts before 2013 is over! 
The second thing I made for a Christmas gift this year is this cute doll.
 The pattern is Simplicity 1900. 
I would have never found this pattern if it wasn't for the automotive people at Walmart who failed to notify me that they had finished the oil change in my car. I mean, if they ask for your phone number and say they will call you when your car is finished, wouldn't you think they would call you? Yeah. They didn't call. As a result, I was waiting and wandering around the store for hours! Luckily, the Walmart has a fabric and crafts section, so I parked myself in front of the pattern books and started looking. When I saw the pattern, I immediately thought I would make the doll for my niece, Maddie. But really, I think I wanted to make her for me!
I loved every part of making this doll! I must have a thing for sewing tiny clothes because my favorite part was sewing the dress. I might make a couple more for her wardrobe. I skipped sewing the hat and shoes because I figured they would just get lost. I decided she needed a little friend, so I whipped up the fox. Sometime I may still make the boy doll for my nephew, Jimmy. I want to make those overall shorts!


  1. Hola querida Jen tanto tiempo!... te deseo un muy Feliz Año Nuevo!!! lleno de alegría,proyectos y mucho amor!!!
    Una dulzura estos muñecos muy tiernos bellos todos tus trabajos parece que estuviste muy ocupada creando maravillas muchos besos y felicidades ♥ Sandra.

  2. I love her....maybe more than Mads does. Thank you so much for being the awesome aunt that you are. You are soooo talented!!

    Dolly needs a name. I'm thinking Tallulah.

  3. Thanks you guys! I love the name Tallulah!


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