Sweater Weather

We've started the leaf harvest! 
The Linden tree dropped all it's leaves last week. Gary and I spent a good part of Saturday picking them up. He had fun using his new leaf blower. I think he cleared out two years worth of leaves from underneath the roses and bushes! 

The weather took a cold turn today with the North wind blowing strong. Needless to say, my clean yard is once again covered in leaves!

 I wore a sweater for the first time this fall! This is my February Lady sweater, which is the first adult sweater I ever knitted! I worked on it during musical rehearsal for Cinderella, back in 2010. I remember having to rip out a bunch of rows because I wasn't totally paying attention to the pattern. It somehow turned out to be a wearable sweater! 

In other neighborhood news, my neighbor already has his Christmas lights up and going.  I usually love holiday lights but having them up so early really stressed me out! 
I'm not ready for holiday cheer yet. 
Hope you all have a great week!


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