Remember Hammer Time?

 The other day, my sister Becky posted a pic on Instagram of my niece, Maddie, watching
 MC Hammer on TV. 
He was the guy who sang "U Can't Touch This"
Check out those pants!

So, imagine my surprise when, the very next day, one of the students at school came into class wearing camo Hammer pants or Harem pants!
She looked really cute in them. 
I, however, was cracking up inside. Why are these pants popular again?

I kept thinking, what is with all the Hammer references this week?
 You see, I have some history with Hammer pants. 
 It was the early 90's. County fair time. 
What did my sister Becky and I decide to make for our 4-H sewing project? 

What were we thinking?
  Ah yes, the early 90's. The perms. The bangs.
The sides of the pants were a triangle shaped "wing" that had button holes at the triangle point. You could then connect the "wings" to a button at the front of the waistband. 
Those wings used up a lot of fabric! 
They were supposed to be versatile. You could wear the wings up or down. Flap in the wind. Or not. 
My fabric was navy with tiny white polka dots.
Here is my sister Becky with her version. Same wing flaps but her fabric was cooler than mine! 
Patterned stripes. Her version would fit right in today.
 I see girls wearing patterned stripe pants all the time.
I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this photo!

I don't remember if I got any ribbons for my sewing or modeling at the fair. But I do remember this day. It was a talent show/fashion show. My sister Melissa did a dance routine. I think there was singing at some point too.
 I don't want my sister Melissa to feel bad about being left out of this post, so, here she is modeling her sewing project. 
She didn't make hammer pants. 
Smart girl.

 I think hammer pants were one of the weirdest 4-H projects I ever made. I tried wearing them a couple times to school but they were just too awkward. All that floppy fabric. And I couldn't ever decide if they looked good with the wings flapping or buttoned up. 
I'm guessing they looked goofy either way.

Later on, I cut the pants apart and used the fabric for a quilting project. 
I felt much better about myself after that!
So how about you? What's the weirdest sewing project you have made?


  1. Too Funny...well I would have to say the hammer pants.. and the napkin squares...oh pretty much any sewing project for me

  2. Haha Becky!! Your napkin squares were awesome!


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