Mom Time

My mom came to visit over the weekend. I always love it when she is here. It was perfect timing because I have really been missing my family lately.
She inspires me to cook, so I made these yummy muffins for breakfast. I didn't have any nuts and I used dried apricots instead of cranberries. They were GOOD!
We went out to lunch at my brother's work to bug him for a bit. After lunch, we took a quick trip to Ben Franklins to look at all the fun stuff they have there. My favorite aisle is the candy aisle! They have all the candy from my childhood, slopokes, candy cigarettes, that gum that is shaped like little gold nuggets and comes in a bag, and pop rocks!! Now that I think about it, candy cigarettes are a horrible candy! They taste bad and they promote an unhealthy habit. Mom used to buy them for my sisters and me anyway. I remember how we would get the candy cigarettes at the checkout and as soon as we got in the car we would pretend that we were puffing and blowing smoke. I'm not sure where we got it because our parents weren't smokers.
Anyway, mom and I didn't buy any candy this time but mom bought a couple of towels to embroider. 
Back at home, we parked ourselves in front of the tv and spent the afternoon watching the Huskers play and working on our projects. I'm working on knitting a couple scarves. The green one is getting close to being finished! It was supposed to be for my sister's birthday a month ago. I'm hoping to finish it by Thursday because I will see her then. I can't wait for more family time!!


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