Meet Kathy Zimmer

 Happy Friday friends!
Today I wanted to share a little project I've been working on with my cousin, Kathy. 
 This is her:
 Kathy is the one with the awesome curly hair! She lives in New York City now, which is too far away from Nebraska. I wish I could see her more often than just Christmas time.

I have always loved hanging out with Kathy.
 We are cousins, friends, AND musicians.
Providing music for family functions is one of our favorite activities and one of these days we need to get the family band together and go on the road! 
We already chose the band name over 20 years ago.

The VanZims

It's a combination of our last names. Pretty much all of our siblings and cousins are in the band. 
We will rock.

 Here we are with our flutes at our cousins wedding. 

Circa Grunge.

Kathy and I happen to share a birthday. 
This year it falls on Thanksgiving. 
Oh yeah!! Bring on the turkey dinner and birthday cake!!
Fun fact: Our moms also share a birthday!

Anyway, back to the project!
Kathy just released her new album called "Static Inhabited" and asked me if I could put together a slide show video of Nebraska photos. I said I would try! 
The video has a lot of my photos and if you follow my blog, you might recognize them. There are also great photos by Andrea Kelley and Kerri Garrison in the mix. Check out their photography!
Learning how to put the slideshow together was a fun project for me. 
 I hope you will take a few minutes to watch.
 Enjoy the music and pictures!


  1. You are the sweetest cousin in the history of cousins. :) thank you Jen. I am so thankful (in the spirit of our birthday this year) to have you as a relative and a friend. I do live too far away, sorry about that! But you should come visit New York!! VANZIMZ TOUR '14!! Anyway--I think you are a rare gem of a person. Thank you for lending your enthusiasm, talent and goodness, thanks for going that extra distance. LOVE, Kathy!

  2. Wow, what a lovely post! I know Kathy well - she's a shining star, but after reading your post, I see it runs in the family. Great video, Jennifer!


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