Oh Deer!

As I drove home from work the other day, this deer was grazing not far from the road. I thought it was unusual, being the middle of the day. I often see deer on my morning drive or after the sun has gone down but not at 3pm! So I turned the car around and pulled over to watch for a minute. 

The deer noticed me and considered running into the trees but whatever it was munching on was too good to give up. It stuck around for several minutes, munching and walking through the grass.  I kept thinking how beautiful and graceful an animal a deer is, walking through the fields and trees. Then I thought about how scary it is to come upon a deer in the road on a dark night. The last time that happened to me, Gary was driving. We came upon several deer standing frozen in the headlights on the highway. Luckily, Gary was able to maneuver the car quickly between them before they started to run. Yikes!

It's almost deer hunting season. I know several people who are excited to get out and get their deer.  I wonder if this deer will make it through the winter. 


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