Monster Hats

Hooray for a free Saturday to finish up these monster hats! 
 My sister's sister in law asked me if I could make these for her sister, who is having a baby.
Whoa, that's a lot of sisters!
The baby's room is going to be decorated with Monster's Inc, so she thought these hats would be just right for a gift.

For the hat, I used this Seamless Earflap Hat pattern. I like it because it has several sizes and it is seamless. For the eyes and horns I used this Crochet Monster Hat pattern. 
They turned out pretty cute, huh?
I definitely copied the placement of eyes and mouth from pictures that were sent to me as examples.

Welp, today is my fall break and I was hoping to get outside to enjoy the beautiful fall weather we've been having. Dang it if it isn't cold and rainy. I have no motivation what so ever right now. I suppose I better get moving. 
Hope you have a great Monday!


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