You Are My Sunshine

Here is the finished sunshine pillow. 
It's 24" x 24". I decided not to do any quilting since there are so many seams. I lined the inside with some muslin to keep all the strings contained.
For the back I used this yellow zig zag fabric. I like putting zippers on my pillows so they can be washed.
 I had no patience to put in a zipper Saturday morning but I needed to get it finished. Then I had all kinds of trouble with my machine. Grrr. It really wasn't a pleasant time. But I got it done!!
I gave this to Gary's mom for her birthday. She really liked it! When she saw it she read the words and started crying. She said that her mom used to sing that song to her when she was a kid. That made all my grumbling the day before worth it. I'm so glad she likes it! 


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