Saturday, I helped my sister make this cushion for her dining room window seat. It ended up being like,103 inches long! It took most of the day to measure, cut and sew, but we had a nice lunch break at the "pancake store" aka Village Inn.
This little girl was my sewing assistant! We had fun dressing her up in fabric scraps. She organized my pin cushion and tried a little sewing on the machine. Her legs aren't long enough to reach the floor so she put the pedal on the table and pressed it with her elbow! She cracks me up!

I think we have a fashionista on our hands!
I had a great time spending the day with my sister and the kids. I think the cushion turned out nice! My brother in law mentioned that we could make seasonal covers for the cushion....hmmm...could be another sewing day in the future!
Besides a nice lunch that included my favorite lemon supreme pie, my sister surprised me with some new fat quarters. I'm thinking I'll make something for fall! 


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