I ♥ Saturday

I made it through the first week of school! I have returned to the land of awkward freshman, excited seniors (at least for the first week), new shoes and fresh haircuts. Everyone tries to look fashionable on the first day.To my surprise, the effort for looking good waned by day two. The t-shirts and gym shorts reappeared.The mowhawks were down and long hair was tossed up in a ponytail instead of being curled. Looking good is hard work!
 Even though I've been getting up early all summer, having to be around people all day wore me out. I think I came home and took a little nap every afternoon. Sleeping in this morning felt great! 
Sometimes when Gary goes grocery shopping, I don't always realize what he brought home. In this case, I discovered a huge bag of delicious cherries! I decided to make them into a cherry clafoutis. I did a search on pinterest and found one I could make in my new cast iron pan. It turned out really yummy! 
Plans for the rest of the weekend include finishing up the sunshine pillow, mowing the lawn and attending a birthday party. Hope you are having a happy weekend!


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