July 1st

     This morning I've been finishing up my scrappy trip around the world quilt. I've sewn on the label and now the quilt has been washed and is getting all crinkly in the dryer!
     I took a little walk around the house to see what's goin on in the yard. My cardinal climber vine is blooming! I love the bright red flowers.
     We have lots of birds visitors here and I have grown used to the wrens constant chattering. This morning the yard is quiet. It seems the wrens have moved on. I hope they aren't gone for good yet. They are so fun to watch and are one of my favorite birds in the garden.
     Over the weekend I saw this really cute quilt that looks like American flags. I had to give it a try! I sewed most of Satuday and got the top put together. I was planning on hand quilting it, but unfortunately, I have a bad cut on my thumb! We had a service at church last night and I was helping put away glass candle holders. As I picked up the container, it shattered in my hand. Blood gushed. It was icky. I think it will heal up ok but it really hurts! Just sewing on the quilt label was probably too much for today. Looks like I will be machine quilting the flags. My hope is to get it done before the 4th!


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