Life Lately

     Judging from my phone photos, I haven't been home much in the last 2 weeks!
     There was a trip to see dad for Father's day. We took a scenic drive just West of Broken Bow. The sandhills are lush and green right now, thanks to some rain.
     On my way home, I drove out from under a thunderstorm. I stopped at mom's for the night and the rain caught up to me. There was a beautiful double rainbow that evening!
     My sister is visiting from Florida, so we met up in Omaha yesterday. The wind was blowing strong as we walked across the pedestrian bridge from Omaha to Council Bluffs. The heat of the day made it a popular place for kids to cool off in the water.
      Last night, I met up with my friends over at Lancaster's Edge for a BBQ. Their goats just had babies. Baby goats have springs for legs and I wish I would've taken a video of them playing because it's just about the happiest sight ever!
    So that's my life lately. I'm looking forward to one more trip to mom's today to camp with the fam in her backyard. Maybe next week I will be home to quilt!


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