Feeling Thankful

     I have a pretty great job. I get paid to play piano! I mean, I feel so lucky to be doing something I love, every single day. Also, my coworkers are great, so going to work is easy. It's a joy. But, in these last days of the school year, I start to grow a bit weary of the everyday grind. I get tired of the kids. There comes a point when it's just time for a break and I start to countdown the days until summer. It's 6, by the way!!
     So last night was our final choir concert of the school year. It's a fun one. However, preparing for it is somewhat exhausting. I was feeling a bit tired and grumpy yesterday. I was just ready to get the day over with.
     After the concert, a parent came up to me and handed me a gift bag. She was thanking me for helping her son with his college audition. She was so appreciative for the time I had spent and said that they "owed" me. I said it was nothing, that's what I do! She started to explain that she was giving me some pottery she had made. As we talked, her face lit up as she told me of her dream of one day having a pottery studio. I, being a crafty person, encouraged her to go for it!
     Later, when I opened the gift and read the thank you note, I saw this beautiful piece of pottery. I started to cry! To be given a handmade gift like that, it touched my heart. From the brief chat I had with her, I knew she was giving me a part of her heart, her creativity, her passion. That's pretty amazing to me. I hope she gets her studio some day soon.
     Her thoughtful thank you made my day! It also made me feel so grateful that I am able to make music everyday and maybe help someone else along the way.
     Happy Day to You!


  1. What a lovely gift. Handmade gifts mean so much more don't they? Hooray for creative people.

    Jumbleberries xx

  2. Awww... that made me cry! What a pretty piece of pottery. :)


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