T-Shirt Yarn

     After making t-shirt quilt #1 and #2, I had a pile of shirts with the middles cut out. Instead of tossing them, I looked around for another project. I had never made t-shirt yarn before, so I thought I would give it a try.
  Making the yarn was easy. I looked up a tutorial online. Pretty much just cut and stretch!
 Next, I found my largest crochet hook and crocheted a long chain. Now I'm sewing the chain into a rug!
If I ever make something like a rug again, I will just crochet the whole thing instead of sewing. This hand sewing is taking forever! 


  1. Jen esta es una idea genial adoro estas alfombras con trenzas, no se si sera una alfombra pero los colores que tienes son fantásticos y el trabajo elegido es muy divertido te felicito por el reciclado y ahora esto se usa mucho por suerte pero las artesanas tenemos mucho de estos secretitos jajaja ... besitos.


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